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Founder of Out of the Box Solutions

Gary has a proven record of success in advising commercial and residential construction businesses to achieve maximum success. With his extensive experience, he understands the construction business inside and out, creates business models that transform profits and products, identifies target markets for each business, and coaches owners in building relationships with employees and clients.


For decades, Gary Lack has been a sought-after construction and restoration expert. He has meticulously built the Out of the Box Solutions team from the ground up and is sure to provide all of your project needs from start to finish! We are based in Cleveland, Ohio, but serving you, worldwide!

Experience Speaks For Itself

​ Skills summary:

  • Proven sales performance - Exceptional track record in direct sales, problem solving skills and management.

  • Team management - Strong leadership qualities including extensive experience in personnel training.

  • Cost control - Broad understanding of economies necessary to achieve profitable results for major projects.

  • Liaison Proficiency - Responsible for successful negotiations in diverse business environments.

Gary received his Bachelor of Science degree from Cortland State College in 1972. 


Go Red Dragons!

After graduation, he began his career at Topper, Inc. as an Owner, Designer, and Builder.  He designed and implemented change of use plans for owners seeking restoration quality work for diverse commercial properties and landmark homes, while generating large volume sales in high-end materials and product lines.  Gary achieved a strong reputation for successfully managing his large work crews.

In the 90's, Gary has worked in a wide range of industry roles with many top companies like:  Chapman Construction Company, Sterling Protection Group, Yo Min Construction & Design Co., Global American Security Systems, Bi-Glass America, and Window Restoration Systems.  His career included being a Project Supervisor, Independent Sales Consultant, Senior Security Consultant, Business Manager, and Sales & Marketing Manager/Operations Manager.

During this time he accumulated multiple skills in the construction industry 

  • Planning all on-site scheduling and execution of residential and commercial projects for a design and build firm

  • Extensive collaboration between owners and architects

  • Supervision of personnel, accountability of cost overruns, scheduling deadlines and completion dates

As a manager, Gary excelled at engaging employees of his projects

  • Organized the operational framework for sole distributorships

  • Managed operations prior to opening the Far Eastern Plaza Shangri-La Hotel, a multi-million dollar international commercial venture 

  • Oversaw operations,  as well as training sales personnel

Gary also accumulated a wealth of knowledge from his sales positions

  •  Contributed to innovative and effective sales techniques supporting the growth of young companies

  • Sold to residential and commercial markets, generating $750,000 of sales in 1 year

  • Involved in direct sales of AT&T residential security systems

  • Consistently recognized as a top-ranking salesman, generating 38% of its annual sales

  • Responsible for training the expanding sales reps in the field

  • Start-up venture with $410,000 in its first year of sales

During the early 2000's, he shifted his focus to more humanitarian projects and prospects.  Gary started the millennium as a  Director of Investment Relations at Vertex Investors LLC, which was an initiative to improve the current healthcare system of India.  Gary created a structural working model, incorporating the highest quality delivery systems and raised seed capital for the initial startup.

Gary then moved into the Director position at Ovell, a Global Health Initiative.  Ovell was an international humanitarian aid organization that contributed medical technology to populations where they could provide the largest impact.  Part of his focus was raising seed donations for initial startup capital from investors.  


In addition to his primary career, Gary also found the time to teach architectural and mechanical drawing in the Rochester City School District to eager students.  He also undertook an assignment with the Peace Corps in the Philippines to help design and build multiple community projects.  

Starting in 2002, Gary launched Out of the Box SolutionsAs the owner, designer, and builder,  he designed and implemented change of use plans for owners seeking restoration quality work for landmark homes.  He was able to generate large volume sales in high-end materials and product lines as well as achieve a strong reputation for successfully managing large work crews and bringing projects in on budget. 


In 2018, Gary added some needed services to his arsenal at Out of the Box Solutions for his clientele.  He began to consult for small construction businesses, both In-house and subcontractors, ranging in size from 5 to 50.  Gary began offering services in operational management, estimating and bidding, accounting and tracking, resource management, sales and marketing, strategic growth initiatives, IT resources, equipment purchases, storage and inventory management, and daily overhead costs.

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